• Crystal Recessed Sensor- White

For those that want a totally concealed door sensor, the GE TX1510-01-1 / 60-741-95 is the answer. Can be used on most any door and is totally concealed in the door jam. Compatible with all GE alarm systems we sell. 


CR2032, 3VDC, 225mAh, Lithium Coin Cell

Typical battery life
5 years

Transmitter frequency
319.508 MHz (crystal-controlled)

Transmitter frequency 
+/- 8 kHz

24 kHz

Modulation type
Amplitude Shift Key (ASK)

Unique ID codes
16 million

Peak field strength
Typical 30,000 uV/m @ 3m 

Magnetic sensitivity of 
reed switch
10 to 20 amp turns

Reed sensitivity
.38-in. (.97-cm) gap

Magnet type
Nd-Fe-B, N45

Magnet dimensions (WxD)
0.7 x 0.75 in. (1.8 x 1.9 cm) 

Supervisory interval
64 minutes

Operating temperature
10°F (-12°C) to 120°F (49°C)


0.45 oz. (12.6g)

Dimensions (WxD)
1.55 x 0.87 in. (3.92 x 2.21 cm) 

Belgian Gray

FCC standard
FCC Part 15

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Crystal Recessed Sensor- White

  • Product Code: UTC:60-741-95

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