• Indoor SAW PIR Motion Sensor, (NX480)

Designed for use with all Interlogix control panels, the Indoor SAW Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detection Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered device that provides outstanding performance.

Well suited for both homes as well as small and mid-sized businesses, the motion detector identifies the movement of a person within a specific area by sensing the infrared energy emitted from a body as it moves across the sensor's field of view. When this motion is detected, the sensor transmits an alarm signal to the control panel.


Product Features


  • Low-battery reporting indicates when batteries need replacing before they expire
  • Tamper switch
  • Fully supervised device sends signal every 64 minutes to the security panel to ensure uninterrupted performance
  • Two 1.5VDC AA alkaline batteries
  • 3-4 year battery life
  • Two sensitivity settings
  • 3-minute motion lockout to conserve battery life

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Indoor SAW PIR Motion Sensor, (NX480)

  • Product Code: UTC:60-639-95R

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