• GEM-P1664 Security Panel, 8-64 Zones - GEM-P1664

The GEM-P1664 Hybrid 8 to 64-Zone Control/ Communicator features 8 zones expandable to 64 zones with multiplexing and supports all standard Gemini RP and K-Series Keypads, plus new Gemini DK-Series Door-Style Keypads and new VPS Series talking multifunction keypads, as well as reliable, NAPCO Gemini crystal-control transmitters and receivers, too. Supporting up to 64 user codes and 16 relays, the GEM-P1664 control features easy menu driven Self-Programming Plus keypad programming (for all zones), which includes new alpha keypad question-prompts, even for setting test timer, fire zones and exit/entry and follower zones. Additionally, the panel can be remote up/downloaded using easy-to-use NAPCO Quickloader Software.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Power: 16.5-18.0 VAC via Class 2 Plug-In 20VA, 40VA or 50VA Transformer
  • Loop Current: 3mA; 5mA for 2-wire smoke-detector zones
  • Loop Resistance: 300 Ohm max.; 50 Ohm for 2-wire smoke detector zones
  • Alarm Voltage Output: 1; Programmable Negative Outputs: 2
  • Auxiliary Power Output: 11.7-12.5 VDC
  • Remote Power Output: 12 VDC regulated
  • Combined Standby Current


  • 8 Hardwire/Wireless Zones on board
  • Up to 64 zones with multiplex expansion including 2 two 2-wire fire zones
  • With multiplexing, can accommodate up to 64 EOL zones (from custom alpha keypads or multiplex modules)
  • EZ Programming2 More comprehensive, menudriven programming for all zones plus test timer.
  • Up to 64 user codes
  • Up to 4 areas
  • 3 on-board outputs, up to16 external relay outputs (RM3008s).
  • Up to 2 NAPCO helically-filtered, crystal-control RF receivers
  • Interior bypass group with programmable automatic interior bypass
  • 400 event log
  • Auto Arm
  • Uses up to 7 of any of the Classic/RP-, K-Series or DK-Door Style Stay & Away keypads
  • Programmable telephone line cut supervision with delay
  • 3 Keypad panics (F, P, A)
  • Supports all major communicator formats, including: 4/2, SIA, 4+2 and Point ID, plus pager
  • Backup/double/split reporting; three 20-digit telephone numbers
  • Dynamic battery test
  • Reports alarms, restores and troubles by zone.
  • 2 programmable entry delay times
  • Chime by zone
  • 8 EOL burglary zones programmable for area, E/E delay, interior, follower, day zone, chime, fire options, sensor watch, swinger shutdown, cross zoning , etc.
  • Multiplex Expandability with GEM EZM4/8 or GEM EZM8 zone expansion modules
  • Quickloader up/downloading, including unique unattended method
  • Choice of RF receivers
  • Partitioning by area
  • Event log with open/close suppression
  • Event log viewable at keypad (total log, burglar alarm log, fire alarm log, system trouble log, o/c log)
  • Cellphone-style keypad programming of zone descriptions ( text)
  • Programmable 50Hz Clock Setting
  • Programmable Daylight Savings Time
  • Programmable Security Bypass (code required for bypass)
  • Un-Bypassing while disarmed (code required)
  • Temperature Display at Keypad (-30 to 600 C Celsius or -22 to 1400 F Fahrenheit) with optional GEM-TEMP64 Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor (Note: Keypad Temperature Display replaces Date on Display and is for use with custom alphanumeric keypads, only, i.e., DK1, K1, RP1)
  • Programmable High/Low Temperature Alarm Reporting (requires feature enabled; zone 6)
  • 24 Hour day zone trouble
  • Programmable Swinger Shutdown (2 or 3 activations - selectable)
  • Zone Anding/Cross Zoning (Grouping of zones in which sequential zone activation is required to generate an alarm)


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GEM-P1664 Security Panel, 8-64 Zones - GEM-P1664

  • Product Code: GEM-P1664

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