• MAXSYSY 16-128 Zone Control Panel - PC4020NK

The DSC-PC4020NK MAXSYS is a 16 zone alarm system that can be expanded up to 128 zones with expansion boards. This system is for larger homes or, ideally, for commercial uses in businesses. The MAXSYS line was intended for commercial applications that would require having a system with access control, security, and automation all bundled into one convenient package.


bell output: 12VDC, 700mA max. continuous up to 2A for 4 minutes using battery assist.
PTC over current protected: self-restoring.
AUX+ output: 12VDC, 500mA max.
SAUX+ output: 12VDC, 300mA max.
SAUX+ output is normally +12VDC and power is removed upon activation. Typically used to reset 4-wire smoke detectors.

Note: total for AUX+ output and SAUX+ output is 500mA max. e.g. If the SAUX+ output is loaded to 200mA then only 300mA remains for the AUX+ output.
AUX+ and SAUX+ outputs protected by a common PTC over current device which is self-restoring.
PGM outputs: as standard PGM outputs: 12VDC, 50mA max. each.
PGM outputs are normally unpowered and switch to +12VDC upon activation. as addressable outputs: 12VDC, 170mA max. each
Note: PGM outputs are individually programmable as addressable loops or as general purpose PGM outputs.
Combus: 500mA max. from the PC4020 main panel additional power is provided by PC4204 modules. Maximum Combus capacitance is 80nF which is typically 4,000feet (1,219m) of 22AWG wire. Consult wire manufacturer for specifications of wire to be used.
Note: total loading for the Bell output, AUX+, SAUX+, PGM1, PGM2 and the Combus must not exceed 900mA. This limit may be exceeded by bell output if extra current required is drawn from the battery.
battery charger: up to 350mA to charge 12volt lead-acid batteries
up to 14Ah capacity. Battery charger is supervised for opens and is protected by PTC over current device which is self-restoring.
input power: 16VAC, 40VA
ground fault detection: built-in and enabled by connecting earth
ground to EGND terminal

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MAXSYSY 16-128 Zone Control Panel - PC4020NK

  • Product Code: PC4020NK

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