Go!Control Security & Home Automation Control Panel

Offering the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry, 2gig introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system.

The 2Gig Go! Control alarm features wireless technology, a touch screen display and built-in home automation to begin protecting any home or business immediately and fluently. Alarm security and innovation define this security system, but its ability to transform your simple house into a smart home make the 2GIG-GCKIT311 - 2GIG Go! Control Wireless Alarm & Home Automation Kit the design of the future.

Control Panel Features

  •     Color Touch Screen Display
  •     Fully Self Contained
  •     Snap-in GSM Radio
  •     Remotely Control Panel Settings
  •     Two-way Voice Over cellular
  •     Over-the-air Update Functionality
  •     Built-in Z-Wave Home Control
  •     Customer Messaging Capable
  •     48 Wireless Zones
  •     2 Hardwire Zones
  •     Weather Information Display
  •     24-hour Backup Battery
  •     32 Usercodes
  •     Quick Arm/Exit

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Go! Control Wireless Alarm & Home Automation Control Panel - 2GIG-CP21-345E

  • Product Code: 2GIG-CP21-345E

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