• NX-590E Plus TCP/IP Internet Module

The NX-590NE is a TCP/IP Internet/Intranet Interface Module that sends events to two IP addresses or e-mail addresses for dual, split, or backup reporting.

All data is protected by triple-DES encryption and a 24-bit random number generator that generates a random number for every event. The module requires an average of 20-bytes per message, resulting in a negligible impact on bandwidth. The module also boasts upload/download connectivity and home automation protocol support.


  • Up to 10.000 NX-590NE's can be monitored on the
  • Osborne-Hoffman network receiver
  • Uses SIA or Contact ID reporting format
  • User selectable polling time for full supervision
  • Low current draw of 90mA in standby and 120mA
  • during communication at 12 VDC
  • Small bandwith used with typical message length of 20
  • bytes
  • Upload / Download connectivity
  • PremisesConnect and home automation protocol
  • support

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible control panels: NX-4V2, NX-6V2, NX-8V2, NX-8, NX-8-CF, NX-8E, NX-8E-CF
  • Operating power: 12 VDC supplied from the control panel
  • Current draw: 120 mA during communication, 90 mA standby
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 120 degreesF (0 to 49 degreesC)
  • Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.25 x 1.0 in, (152 x 83 x 25 mm)

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NX-590E Plus TCP/IP Internet Module

  • Product Code: UTC:NX-590NE

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