• 135 °F (57° C) Vertical Mount Heat Detector

The Fire-Lite 302-AW-135 is a 135F-rated, all-weather heat detector with a vertical mounting.

The detector activates an alarm as soon as the ambient temperature reaches the preset temperature setting. It can be installed in all areas of an occupancy and boasts a shock and corrosion resistant construction that ensures long-lasting performance. Momentary temperature fluctuations occurring below the preset temperature are ignored to prevent unnecessary false alarms.


  • 135 degreesF All-Weather Vertical Mounting
  • Immediate response. The 302 Series activate whenever ambient air temperature reaches a detector's setting, eliminating the thermal time lag inherent in conventional heat detectors.
  • Eliminates false alarms. The 302 Series do not respond
  • to momentary temperature fluctuations below the selected temperature.
  • Universal application. The 302 Series can be used in all areas for any type of occupancy.
  • Self-restoring.
  • Hermetically sealed. Shock resistant, corrosion resistant, and tamper-proof.

Technical Specifications:

  • Total overall length: 4-1/8" (10.48 cm)
  • Base diameter: 2" (5.08 cm)

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135 °F (57° C) Vertical Mount Heat Detector

  • Product Code: FIRE-LITE:302-AW-135

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