• Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb - 2GIG-LB60Z-1

The LB60Z-1 is a Z-Wave controllable and fully-dimmable, instant-on LED screw-in light bulb that provides pleasant soft-white illumination equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb, yet uses only 9 watts of energy. The LB60Z offers great value and convenience with an estimated 22+ year lifespan (3 hrs./day avg.), and remote control through a compatible Z-Wave hub or controller.


  • Wirelessly control the bulb from anywhere (requires Z-Wave Apps for iOS or Android)
  • Turn the bulb ON, OFF, or use its dimming features to adjust to 100 levels of brightness
  • Acts as a wireless repeater to extend the Z-Wave mesh network to cover longer distances

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Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb - 2GIG-LB60Z-1

  • Product Code: 2GIG-LB60Z-1

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