• Touchscreen Z-Wave-Lever, Bright Brass-PVD - YRL220ZW-605

Touchscreen Z-Wave-Lever, Bright Brass-PVD

This lock uses a Z-Wave network for compatibility with your home automation system. It connects to the network with just the push of a button, and once connected can be remotely locked or unlocked from any web-enabled device. The lock can also send emails or text messages with pre-programmed alerts, be set to privacy mode for disabling all other users, and log the lock's history, all from your mobile device. When it's integrated into your home automation system, personalized scenes allow you to disarm your security system, activate lights, or adjust the thermostat using the Z-Wave home control system. The lock functions on four included AA batteries, which last for about a year with normal use. A low-battery warning gives you enough time to replace the batteries before they die. However, if the batteries die before they can be replaced, the attached keyhole provides a second entry option and can be used as a backup until the batteries are replaced.


  • Illuminated Touchscreen for Night Access
  • For Use with Single-Bored-Hole Doors
  • Operates on Z-Wave Network
  • Easy Installation and Programming
  • Up to 25 User Pins
  • Grade 2 Certified
  • 4 x AA Batteries Included
  • Override Keys Included

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Touchscreen Z-Wave-Lever, Bright Brass-PVD - YRL220ZW-605

  • Product Code: YRL220ZW-605

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