• Back-Up Inverter, 1000 W Pure Sine Wave 1 HP Max

The Model 1000 Power Inverter is designed to provide backup power for gate operators and access control systems when primary (AC) power fails. The model 1000 is not just another DC backup system. This unit converts DC battery power to AC power to keep your system operable at all times.  DoorKing 1000-080 uses a modified sine wave as the AC output, and DoorKing gate operators use a current sensor device (ERD) that has been specifically designed to work within the limits of the inverter's modified sine wave.  For gate operators made by other manufacturers, choose DoorKing 1000-082 with the Pure Sine Wave.

NOTE:  The model 1000 can only be used with products that use a PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motor.  Do NOT use the model 1000 on products that utilize a motor with start windings as the start-up amperage draw on this type of motor exceeds the maximum output available from the model 1000 and will cause damage to the inverter.  The differences in these two types of motors is difficult to recognize, so we suggest that you contac tthe manufacturer to determine what type of motor is used in their product.



• Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F
• Modified and pure sine wave output options.
• 120 VAC output voltage.
• Model 1000-082 uses 2 Maintenance Free, Rechargeable, Non-spillable, Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA), 12-Volt, 35 AH.
• Model 1000 Pure Sine Wave model will power two (2) 1/2 HP operators or one (1) 1 HP operator, and is suitable for use with all DKS and non-DKS brand gate operators.

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Back-Up Inverter, 1000 W Pure Sine Wave 1 HP Max

  • Product Code: 1000-082

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