• Remote Power Supply 8 AMPS

The Fire-Lite FCPS-24FS8 is a compact, 8-amp remote power supply with a built-in battery charger.

The unit connects to a fire alarm control panel and can deliver regulated and filtered 24 VDC power to four notification appliance circuits. It's compatible with coded inputs and includes selectable earth fault detection. This power supply is great for powering four-wire smoke detectors, annunciators, and numerous other peripheral devices.

The power supply is contained within a locking cabinet and includes a main printed circuit board, transformers, and instructions.


  • 8-amp full load output, with 3 amps maximum/circuit, in NAC expander mode (UL 864)
  • Built-in Strobe Synchronization with System Sensor, Wheelock, or Gentex appliances for ADA Compliance
  • Strobe signal "passes through" allowing syncing of large systems
  • Instantaneous switchover to standby battery (if equipped) when AC fails, maintaining power to all attached devices without intervention
  • LED lights for quick and easy diagnosis, troubleshooting, and status indication
  • Two outputs can be used for constant power devices such as door holders (power drops upon alarm)
  • Contains two fully-isolated input/control circuits for added flexibility
  • Fully regulated and filtered power output - optimal for powering four-wire smoke detectors, annunciators, and other system peripherals requiring regulated/filtered power
  • Fully supervised power supply, battery, and NACs for added reliability

Technical Specifications:

  • Primary (AC) Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.2A maximum
  • Trigger Input Voltage: 9 to 32 VDC
  • Trigger Current: 2.0 mA (16 - 32 V); Per Input: 1.0 mA (9 - 16 V)
  • Trouble Contact Rating: 5 A at 24 VDC
  • Auxiliary Power Output: Specific application power 500 mA maximum

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Remote Power Supply 8 AMPS

  • Product Code: FIRE-LITE:FCPS-24FS8

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