• Intelligent 50 Watt Amplifier

The EVS-INT50W is an intelligent 50 watt amplifier for use with version 14.0 or newer 5820XL-EVS. The EVS-INT50W mounts in the 5820XL-EVS and 5895XL cabinets and is used to amplify audio messaging throughout an area or facility. Power for the EVS-INT50W is obtained from the 5820XL-EVS or 5895XL addressable power supply.

  • Mounts in 5820XL-EVS and 5895XL cabinets  
  • Powered by 24 VDC constant auxiliary power
  • 50 watts of audio power
  • 1 Class A or Class B fully programmable speaker circuit
  • 25 or 70.7 Vrms operation
  • Two-wire connection to SBUS data
  • Two-wire connection to VBUS
  • UL Listed for 520Hz tone output when used with compatible speakers. See 5820XL-EVS installation manual LS10061-001SSK-E for list of compatible speakers 

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Intelligent 50 Watt Amplifier

  • Product Code: SILENT KNIGHT:EVS-INT50W

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