• Multipurpose Emergency Communication (EVAC)

The Fire-Lite ECC-50/100 is an emergency voice evacuation panel for fire applications that can store a maximum of fourteen programmable messages up to 60 seconds each. The panel operates at 120VAC.

Capable of distributing up to 8 speaker circuits, all circuits can be wired in either Class B or Class A configuration. The power supply is built in and includes switch mode technology that delivers power to the panel and attached battery charger.


  • 120VAC primary power
  • Modular design for maximum system flexibility and easy expansion
  • Removable terminal blocks for ease of servicing and module replacement
  • 50 watts of 25 VRMS audio power (expandable to 100 watts)
  • 2 amp Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) output, sync generator, or follower for protocols
  • Optional 70.7 VRMS conversion transformer available for the primary amplifier
  • Eight Command Input Circuits to activate messages 1 to 8
  • Speaker Circuits

Technical Specifications:

  • AC Power: : 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.5 amps (HOT, NEU)
  • Wire size: minimum #14 AWG (2.00mm2) with 600 V insulation
  • Battery (lead acid only) - J7
  • Maximum Charging Circuit: Normal Flat Charge - 27.3V @ 2.8 amps
  • Maximum Charger Capacity: 26 Amp Hour battery. (ECC cabinet holds max. 18 Amp Hour Battery
  • Minimum Battery Size: 12 Amp Hour

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Multipurpose Emergency Communication (EVAC)

  • Product Code: FIRE-LITE:ECC-50/100

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