• CAT 6 HD Black Insert, 25Pack

The ICC IC107F6CBK is a 25 pack of the black Category 6 high definition keystone jacks. The 25 pack is perfect for contractors and dealers that buy in bulk to support project and stock needs. The IC107F6CBK provides 25 high definition Cat 6 keystone connectors in a reseal able bag with 25 termination caps packaged in a separated bag. The bag is labeled with a clear lower area for easy part identification.

The IC107F6CBK consists of 25 high performance 8-position 8-conductor (8P8C) connectors engineered to provide superior performance and reliability, supporting Gigabit Ethernet applications and beyond. The connectors in the IC107F6CBK 25 pack feature an advanced printed circuit board design that is tuned to provide optimum signal quality with maximum headroom, allowing it to exceed TIA/EIA Category 6 performance standards. They also offer a smaller rear footprint maximizing space in confined work areas. This high definition (HD) design is vital when using multi-port decorator inserts and blank patch panels where room becomes more limited. 

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CAT 6 HD Black Insert, 25Pack

  • Product Code: IC107F6CBK

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