• Resi Module, 2GHZ Video Split, 1x8 - ICRESAV82L


ICC's 2GHz Video Splitters can support up to eight locations, and is designed for installation in ICC's Net.Media Centers. The Video Splitters receive and distribute CATV, antenna, satellite, or modulated video signals up to eight analog or digital television sets.


  • Designed to provide excellent signal quality for splitting HDTV, satellite, cable, UHF/VHF, antenna, or security system signals up to 8 locations with the frequency bandwidth from 5 to 2300 MHz
  • Ideal for home or small office use
  • Fits all ICRESDC 14”, 21” and 28”resi distribution center enclosures with the 4 locking button

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Resi Module, 2GHZ Video Split, 1x8 - ICRESAV82L

  • Product Code: ICRESAV82L

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