ED-PH0N3S on-ear headphones deliver even-handed power and detail at all frequencies. High-end, high-spec premium headphones for discerning fans of Rock & Metal music have to be heard to be believed.

Nothing else comes close. Two customized 40mm titanium drivers convey stunning clarity in the mid and high-frequency ranges. Just as importantly, their unique ported bass sub-chambers help create a beautifully deep, muscular bottom-end response. The pure silver coating on the plug and selected thick-gauge signal cables help ensure an accurate signal transition from the source to driver. The non-detachable cables deliver an uninterrupted sound.

With total involvement from Iron Maiden bassist and co-producer,  Steve Harris, these headphones are balanced for clean highs and lows but also for the all important space in the mid-range to best display the dynamics and complexities of rock and metal music.

Titanium is one of the strongest, lightest metals on earth which gives an ultra clean and highly accurate sound; a major requirement that Steve demanded before he would put the band's name to them.

Silver is the best conductor and does not influence the sound since it has no sonic character of its own. The cables are high performance multi-strand conductors with a fabric cover to further protect the signal.

The ED-PH0N3S ear cups fold flat to store in the included Maiden Audio travel bag.

DriversNew 40 mm (1 9/16") Wide-Range Titanium Coated Diaphragm
Dual Chamber Construction
Driver Housing & ArmsAluminum
Cable6N Oxygen-Free Copper (Detachable)
Tangle Resistant Cable✓ (Braided)
Flat Cable-
Cable ConnectorsSilver Plated
Folding Design✓ (Swivel)
Headband✓ (Adjustable, Padded)











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On-Ear Headphones Designed for Rock and Metal - ED-PH0N3S

  • Product Code: ED-PH0N3S

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